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High Risk Merchant Bank Accounts

A merchant bank account is necessary for any business that accepts debit and credit cards. Merchant bank accounts receive the funds from card payments before they move to a business account. Applying for a merchant bank account is uncomplicated. However, finding a credit card processor that serves your business type and size can be tricky. This is where we can help you. With our network of banks and our expertise, we guarantee that we will find the best solution for your business. ProsPay will help you get your merchant bank account approved in no time.


High Risk credit card processing

The biggest obstacle for merchants is when their businesses are classified as high-risk. Enterprises with a large transaction volume, mostly online transactions, a high risk of fraud, and chargebacks need special merchant accounts. At ProsPay we can help you find the best credit card processing for high-risk merchants across various industries. All the services come with integrated fraud protection to help merchants reduce fraud instances. Our partners also provide tools to help businesses track and dispute chargebacks. Therefore, you get to maintain a favorable chargeback ratio. PCI compliance in all accounts guarantees that merchants satisfy the payment card industry standards.

Alternative payments

Credit cards and debit cards might be popular, but they are not the only way to pay. Merchants can offer a selection of alternative payment methods to cater to evolving consumer needs. An alternative payment is any option that doesn’t include cash, debit, or credit card. The current payment ecosystem provides an array of alternative payment solutions, and with our partners, we ensure that you can get most of them. Merchants can allow purchases through mobile payments, digital wallets, online banking, money orders, and BNPL (buy now, pay later) plans. All alternative payments offer seamless integration with existing systems, including shopping carts, accounting software, and CRMs.


Cryptocurrency Processing

Digital currency is steadily rising into an acceptable payment solution for online enterprises. A number of businesses in different industries have embraced crypto transactions, thus, they accept Bitcoin and various altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin. If you accept digital coins, then you need a cryptocurrency merchant account. However, since digital coins are relatively new, finding the right cryptocurrency processing is not easy. Crypto exchanges, e-commerce stores, and other businesses that use digital currencies can benefit from our special crypto processing solution for high-risk merchants. Although chargebacks are almost impossible when accepting cryptocurrency, the payment option is still considered high-risk.

Who we are?

ProsPay is a company that will help you find the best payment processing solution for your business. Merchants working in low or high-risk industries have a range of payment solutions from which to pick. ProsPay has valuable experience in the payment processing industry. So, we know what enterprises look for in a reliable payment service. Consequently, together with our partners, we have put together a comprehensive line of payment solutions that should prove suitable for businesses of all sizes. Merchants can accept debit cards, credit cards, wireless payments, contactless payments, and cheques. Some of the sectors that we serve include restaurants, retail, mail-order, wireless, telephone-order, and service delivery, among a multitude of others.

Why ProsPay, though? With the numerous merchant services available on the market, ProsPay sets itself apart by providing customer-oriented payment solutions. We are all about the merchant. ProsPay boasts some of the highest approval ratings, with merchant accounts taking two days or less to get approved. Our partners also have highly competitive rates because we believe dependable payment tools and good quality service shouldn’t cost merchants too much. With the payment solutions offered by our partners, merchants can get full retail and restaurant product services, credit and gift cards schemes, cash advance, mobile payment solutions, virtual terminals, and peripherals. Whether you run a small, medium, or large business, ProsPay promises a unique payment processing experience created to boost your conversions and sales.

Industry Expertise

ProsPay is the go-to payment processing service when looking for high-risk merchant services. Running high-risk businesses means dealing with various challenges when finding a payment solution. Some merchants are considered to carry a higher risk than normal for acquiring banks, hence, making it difficult for them to get merchant accounts. A high-risk merchant comes with additional costs due to high chargeback rates. In various instances, a customer can pay for goods or services with a credit card but, then dispute that charge later, triggering a chargeback for the merchant. For this reason, businesses with a potential or history of chargebacks require a rolling reserve from the bank.

Increased fraud and money laundering cases are other reasons a merchant falls into the high-risk category. Some products and services have a high risk of fraud, which requires a merchant account to have unique security features to protect the business and customers. Below are the high-risk industries that we serve. If your business doesn’t appear here, contact us to find out if we can meet your processing requirements.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing



Vape / E-Cig

Dating Services



adult entertainment


Credit repair and monitoring

Advertising services

How Does The Application Process Work?


Apply Online

Our online application process is straightforward and should take you about a minute. Fill the form provided with all account requirements, then submit it. The details included in your online application will help us find your business the best solution for your merchant services.


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The next step is to apply offline with the required documentation. We will walk you through the necessary paperwork needed to get your account approved.


Get Merchant account Approved

After submitting all the requirements, wait for the processing. We have to identify the type of merchant that you are to get you the best processing solutions. If your business passes due diligence by our management experts, then it gets approved.


Start Getting Payments

After an acquiring bank approves your merchant account, you can begin accepting payments on mobile or online. Contact us for any queries regarding our merchant services.

Our Services

Merchants have a wide variety of payment processing needs, and a good high-risk merchant services provider should offer the most appropriate options. With our partners, we can ensure that you can give your customers the freedom to choose how to pay. Convenience is everything when it comes to payment solutions. Businesses that give buyers what they need experience improved sales. Whether you need a standalone terminal or full-stack payment system, ProsPay will help you find something suitable. Here are the services available to businesses.

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