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ProsPay specializes in Low and High-Risk merchant accounts approval in many industries. If you have clients that have trouble getting processing or just need an experienced merchant processing team to help your organization or clients grow revenue, add enterprise value, and scale sales.

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ProsPay is the go-to payment processing service when looking for high-risk merchant services. Running high-risk businesses means dealing with various challenges when finding a payment solution. Some merchants are considered to carry a higher risk than normal for acquiring banks, hence, making it difficult for them to get merchant accounts. A high-risk merchant comes with additional costs due to high chargeback rates. In various instances, a customer can pay for goods or services with a credit card but, then dispute that charge later, triggering a chargeback for the merchant. For this reason, businesses with a potential or history of chargebacks require a rolling reserve from the bank.

Increased fraud and money laundering cases are other reasons a merchant falls into the high-risk category. Some products and services have a high risk of fraud, which requires a merchant account to have unique security features to protect the business and customers. Below are the high-risk industries that we serve. If your business doesn’t appear here, contact us to find out if we can meet your processing requirements.

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